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Broadwood Grand Pianoforte 1809

Early Music Studio’s new recording of Susan Adams playing the 200-year-old Broadwood Grand Pianoforte is now available on iTunes, iTunes Match, Apple Music CDBaby, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Yandex, Rhapsody and the Google Music Store, among others. There is music by Beethoven, Haydn, Field and a guest appearance by Clive Titmuss playing Scottish folk songs on a restored antique mandolin with the piano.


An ancient forest spirit is transformed into a mystical instrument.

Susan Adams records and performs early keyboard music on her collection of historical pianos and harpsichords. “A Lute for Christmas” was inspired by a beautiful yew-wood lute built by Clive Titmuss in British Columbia, Canada. Susan wrote the story for performance at a holiday concert. It is read by well-known Vancouver actor Anna Hagan, with lute music played by Clive Titmuss on the actual lute in the tale, which appears in the photo by graphic artist Kyle Poirier. “A Lute for Christmas” was recorded at Stu Goldberg Studios in Penticton, BC, Canada.


Duo and solo music of the 18th and 19th centuries played on a variety of period and antique keyboard instruments, lutes and guitars.

Musète de Choisi (François Couperin), La Muzette (De Viseé), Musète de Taverni (Couperin)
Suite in B flat (Esias Reusner)
Suite in C minor (Froberger)
Tombeau for Glenn Gould (Clive Titmuss)
Trio Sonata in C major: II. Largo (J.S. Bach)
Sonata in D major, Hob. XVI: 37 (Joseph Haydn)
Rondo in B minor (Mauro Giuliani)
Sonata for Guitar and Piano, Op. 37 (Fernando Carulli)


The brilliant harpsichord music of Francois Couperin graced the court of Louis XIV and Louis XV at a time when France set the trend for all of Europe. This recording includes three suites of character pieces which evoke the splendour of a glittering past.

Ordre 21: I. La Reine des Coeurs, La Bondissante, La Couperin, La Harpée, La Petite Pince-sans-rire
Ordre 23: L’ Audacieuse, Les Tricoteuses, L’Arlequine, Les Gondoles de Délos, Les Satires Chèvre-pieds,
Ordre 25: La Visionaire, La Misterieuse, La Monflambert, La Muse Victorieuse, Les Ombres Errantes


Four piano sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played on a Viennese fortepiano copied from Johann Andreas Stein (1785).

Sonate in D major, K. 311: Allegro con spirito, Andante con espressione, Rondeau Allegro
Sonate in F major, K. 533: Allegro, Andante, Rondo Allegretto,
Sonate in C major, K. 330: Allegro moderato, Andante cantabile, Allegretto
Sonate in A major, K. 331: Andante grazioso, Minuetto, Trio, Alla Turca Allegretto


Many of the composers of the 17th and 18th centuries were seduced by the south. The sun, the fragrant air and the lush harmonies of Italian music found their way into the works of composers as diverse and William Byrd and J. S. Bach.

Sonata in F (Thomas Arne): Andante, Allegro
Prelude and Fugue in A Minor (J.S. Bach, BWV 894): Prelude, Fugue
Sonata In A, Sonata in A Minor (Domenico Scarlatti, K. 208, 209)
O Mistris Myne (William Byrd)


A collection of solo music played on a variety of lutes and harpsichords, including pieces by Blow, Dowland, Byrd, Froberger, Weiss, Rameau, Scarlatti and Couperin. Seven historical instruments are featured.

Mortlach’s Ground
The Right Honourable Ferdinando | Earl of Derby, His Galliard; Sir John Smith, His Almain (John Dowland
Lady Nevell’s Ground (William Byrd)
Lamentation on the Death of King Ferdinand III (Johann Froberger)
Prelude and Capriccio (Sylvius Weiss)
Fanfarinette, La Triomphante, (Jean-Philippe Rameau)
Tombeau de Mezangeau, Chaconne, ou Cascades de M. de Launay (Ennemonde Gaultier)
Sonata In C Major (Domenico Scarlatti, K. 132)
La Sylva (Anthoine Forqueray)
Les Sylvains de Monsieur Couperin (François Couperin, arr. de Viseé)
Les Baricades Misterieuses (François Couperin)
French Suite No. 5 In G Major (J.S. Bach, BWV 816): Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte, Bourrée, Loure, Gigue


The recording presents four groups of dances from Esias Reusner’s lute book, “Erfreuliche Lautenlust” (The Joy of Lute-Playing, Leipzig 1697) played on two different period instruments made by the artist.

Suites in C Major, C minor, F major, F minor (Esias Reusner)




CD_Twilight_of_the_Lute_170x170 btn_itunes
Music by Bach, Weiss and others from 1740’s Germany played on three baroque lutes.

Prelude, Fugue & Allegro (J.S. Bach, BWV 998)
Sonata in G major (Rudolf Straube): Un poco Allegro, Siciliano, Minuetto, Poloneso,
Pieces in D major (David Kellner): Phantasia, Campanella, Courante, Sarabanda, Double, Aria, Gigue, Gavotte
Suonata per il Liuto in D minor (Sylvius Weiss): Allemande Adagio, Courante, Paysane, Sarabanda Adagio, Allegro, Menuet
Partie V (Adam Falckenhagen): Largo, Allegretto, Polonoise, Scherzo, Menuet


The piano didn’t begin life as a ten-foot black monster. Originally it was as slightly built as a harpsichord, with lightning fast action, tiny leather bound hammers, light stringing and a brilliant attack.

Sonata in E flat (Josef Haydn, Hoboken XVI:52):Allegro, Adagio, Finale Presto
Sonata in E flat (J. Christian Bach): Allegro, Rondeaux Allegretto
Six Variations on an Allegretto (Wolfgang Mozart, K. 54)



CD_Vihuela_Collection_170x170 btn_itunes
Spanish Renaissance musicians cultivated a unique instrument called the vihuela, an early guitar whose abstract style fused Iberian and Italian vocal and instrumental ideas with a dark Moorish modality.

Diferencias sobre Conde Claros (Luis de Narvaez)
Gailarda (Alonso Mudarra)
Fantasia XXIV del Segundo Tono (Luis Milan)
Fantasia sobre fa, mi, ut, re; Fantasia por desembolber los manos (Alonso Mudarra)
Diferencias sobre Guardame las Vacas (Luis de Narvaez)
Fantasia qui contraheza la harpa en la manera du Ludovico (Alonso Mudarra)
La Cancion del Emperador, Mille Regretz de Josquin (Luis de Narvaez)
Pavanas I & II (Luis Milan)


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