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A Tytchmarshe is recorded in the documents of copyhold tenants of Northill Manor in ancient times.

From the Book of Norrel (Northill)

“[In Margin] -Coppiehold Lands belongeing to this Mannor in ancient times.”

“.And Anno 9. H. 6 wee [find?] uppon the Rolle That one TYTCHMARSHE tooke by coppie of Courte Rolle, a house and 10 Acres of Land and meadowe to himselfe and Matild his wife for life: to make a sute of courte.

….The most ancientest of all the court rolles is 4. R. 2.

Ann. Dom. 1381.”


During the reign (1422-1461) of Henry VI, William Tytchemerrs born c1455, buried 1505. His wife Katherine (Tychmershe) died Jan 1506, their wills mention other family members that lived in Northill.

William and Katherine have three known children Joan, Alice and Reynold (Reginald) Tychemarche.

Reynold married Agnes (nee unknown) and they had four known children, Joan and a second daughter (unnamed), William and Richard Tychemerche

All were buried at the church of Saint Mary Virgin, Northill.


During the reign (1509-1547) of Henry VIII, William (son of Reynold) died 1533 and buried at St.Mary Virgin, Northill.

His will dated 22 Oct 1533, proved 9 Dec 1533, states his wife,

“…Elizabeth and the child she ys with.”

(only child but unborn, possibly *THOMAS Tytchmarshe (c1534-1585).

John Tychemarch (brother of William Tytchemerrs) died 1531, his wife (unknown) predeceased him, they were buried at St. Mary Virgin, Northill.

John’s will dated 10 Feb 1531, proved 4 Mar 1531, refers to his children, Richard, Elizabeth, and Katherine (Catherin), also his grandson John (son of Richard)

He had a second son (unnamed) no reference to him in the will.

Richard Tychemarche (son of John), was buried 25 Aug 1573, at

St. Mary Virgin, Northill.

*THOMAS TITCHMARSH (c1533-1585) is probably of the lineage of either William or his brother John, who lived in Northill, Bedfordshire.

Northill, Bedfordshire c1534

During the reign (1509-1547) of Henry VIII, *THOMAS Tytchmarshe was born about 1533, married probably in Northill, where he was buried 26 Apr 1585. He married Elizabeth (nee unknown) possibly in 1562, she was buried 26 Aug 1587 at Northill.

From the will of Elizabeth Titchmersh and the parish records there were six children.

George bpt. 19 Jun 1563, buried 23 Aug 1563

Richard bpt. 12 Aug 1564, married Mary (nee unknown) he was buried 31 Nov 1610.

*REYNOLD bpt. 31 Jul 1566.

Elizabeth bpt. 28 Nov 1568, married Henry Cooper 17 Oct 1595

Ann bpt.5 Jun 1570 married William Wilds 28 Oct 1595.

All events took place in Northill. (Parish records commenced 1562)

Northill, Bedfordshire 1566

During the reign (1558-1603) of Elizabeth I, *REYNOLD Titchmarsh was born 1566 and continues the family line, he married Alice Squire at Northill the 3 Jul 1587, they had four known children.

Lewis bpt. 27 Nov 1597 married to Joan Sparks at Northill

5 May 1625, she was buried 24 Jan 1637 at Old Warden, Beds. His second marriage was to widow Alice Squire, 13 Jan 1641 at Lower Gravenhurst, Beds. Lewis was buried 14 Nov 1657 at Haynes, Beds.

Catherine Titchmarsh bpt. 24 May 1602, and married Nicholas Plummer 2 Nov 1631 at Northill.

*THOMAS bpt. 29 Sep 1605.

Martha the youngest bpt. 22 Apr 1609, buried 26 Jan 1625 at Northill.

Riseley, Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, 1605

During the reign (1603-1625) of James I, *THOMAS Titchmarsh was born 1605, married Margery,

(nee unknown) possibly 1629 at Riseley, she was buried 30 Sep 1659 and he was buried (22 Jul 1660)* at Houghton Conquest. They had two known children.

*LEWIS bpt. 27 Jul 1630 at Riseley

Thomas bpt. 5 Jul 1635, buried (30 Mar 1662)* at Houghton Conquest.

(The dates of burial for Thomas, father and son could be interchanged)

Lidlington & Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire 1630

During the reign (1625-1660) of Charles I, *LEWIS Titchmarsh was born 1630, married Mary Prior at Lidlington, Beds. 6 Oct 1660, she was born 1639 and bpt. 1 Jun 1640 at Barton le Clay. They had a family of six known children, all born at Barton le Clay.

Lewis was buried at Barton le Clay, 17 Jun 1691 and Mary 4 Jun 1709. Their children were baptised Titmouse.(Parish register)

Lewis bpt. 8 Feb 1663, buried 18 May 1708 at Barton le Clay.

Mary bpt.26 May 1665, married Thomas Stevens 12 Nov 1691 at Barton.

Sarah bpt. 23 Jun 1667.

Thomas bpt. 13 Nov 1669, and buried 13 Jul 1736 at Barton.

Elizabeth bpt.5 Nov 1671, married W.Hopkins 5 Oct 1704 at Barton.

*JOHN TITMOUSE bpt. was bpt. 6 Jan 1673 at Barton le Clay.

Hexton, Hertfordshire 1673

During the reign (1660-1585) of Charles II, *JOHN Titmouse was born in 1673 (named Titmas parish marriage register) married Joan Everrit on 26 Jan 1701 at Hexton, he was buried 9 Jan 1749 at Hexton.

Only one child has been found of that marriage, he was baptised *JOHN Titmouse 1 Mar 1701 at Hexton.

Hexton, Hertfordshire 1701

During the reign (1694-1702) of William II, *JOHN Titmas [sic] was born 1701 at Hexton, died 15 Jul 1763 at Hexton, Herts. He was listed in Hexton Militia for 1758,1759. Married Mary,(nee unknown) possibly in 1722 at Hexton, his three known children were baptised Titmus in Hexton.

*JOHN bpt. 15 Sep 1723.

James bpt. 27 Feb 1725, buried 8 Nov 1767 Talow, Cambs.

William bpt.11 Jun 1732, married Ann Whiteley 19 Jun 1759 at Hexton. He was buried at Tadlow, Cambs.

Hexton, Hertfordshire & Shillington, Bedfordshire 1723

During the reign (1714-1727) of George I, *JOHN Titmus born 1723, listed Titmouse [sic] in Hexton Militia 1760. Married Mary Gudgeon 3 May 1753 at Shillington, All Saints. He was buried at Shillington 12 Jun 1792.

They had twelve children.

Mary was born 1 Aug 1754, bpt. 15 Aug 1754, married Edward Dawson 9 Oct 1776.

William bpt. 13 Oct 1756 at Hexton, married Elizabeth Titmus,(his cousin) March 1774 at Pirton.

James bpt. 10 Dec 1758 at Hexton, married Mary Whittomore

10 Oct 1781 at Pirton.

Elizabeth bpt. 17 Aug 1760 and buried 15 Sep 1760 at Hexton.

It appears the family moved to Pirton during the years 1760/1762 as later baptisms were performed there.

John bpt. 21 Feb 1762 at Pirton, [baptised privately]

Sarah bpt. 4 Dec 1763 at Pirton married Danial Odell 6 Jul 1797 at Shillington.

Elizabeth and Joseph bpt. 13 Apr 1766 at Pirton

Joseph Titmas [sic] buried 15 Jul 1766 at Pirton

Joseph bpt. 7 Jun 1767, buried 4 Oct 1767 at Pirton.[baptised privately], buried Titmas [sic]

Ann bpt. 11 Dec 1768 at Pirton

*RICARD Titmas [sic] bpt. 14 Oct 1769 at Pirton son of John and Mary Titmas [sic]

Fanny bpt. 22 Dec 1771 at Pirton.

Pirton, Shillington, Hertfordshire 1769

During the reign (1760-1820) of George III, *RICHARD Titmas [sic] was born 1769 at Pirton, was married Elizabeth Olney 21 Feb 1792 at Holwell. Elizabeth was buried 3 Feb 1802 Richard married again in 1806. They had six children all baptised at Shillington.

John bpt. 5 Nov 1793 married Hannah Mardlin 4 Oct 1817 at Holwell,

Mary bpt. 5 Nov 1793 married William Young 14 Oct 1814 at Pirton.

Sarah bpt. 5 Jul 1795 married William Hibbitt 24 Dec 1821 at Ickleford.

William bpt.4 Jun 1797 married 13 Oct 1821 Dinah Mabbot born 1796, buried 1842. William was buried 1878 (Pirton?)

James bpt. 24 Dec 1798.

Joshua bpt. 21 Feb 1801.

Ickleford, Pirton, Hertfordshire 1806

RICHARD Titmus [sic] second marriage was to Susannah Wright (aged 25) on the 13 May 1806 at St. Mary’s Pirton, he died and was buried on the 20 Nov 1844 at St Katherine’s Ickleford also Susannah buried on 21 Sep 1849. They had three sons.

George bpt. 3 Apr 1814, buried 18 May 1815 at Pirton.

*GEORGE bpt. 9 Feb 1817 at Pirton.

Thomas bpt. 5 Jun 1819 at Ickleford, married Mary Rudd 7 Apr 1842 at Kings Walden, Herts.

It appears that Richard and the family moved to Ickleford between 1817-1819

Pirton, Ickleford & Holwell, Hertfordshire 1817

*GEORGE Titmus born 1817 at Pirton, married Rachael Day(widow) nee Olney at Ickleford, 24 Nov 1840. They had nine known children.

George b. 28 Aug 1840 Holwell. bpt. 4 Sep 1840 Ickleford.

*JAMES Titmus born Cadwell, bpt. 7 May 1843 at Ickleford.

The rest of the children were born at Holwell and bpt. at Ickleford.

Sarah bpt. 16 Nov 1845.

Elizabeth bpt. 4 May 1848, buried 29 Oct 1849 at Ickleford.

Mary bpt. 19 May 1850, buried 31 Dec 1864 Ickleford.

Charles bpt. Apr 1852 bpt. 26 Jul 1852 Ickleford

Martha bpt. 14 Aug 1853, buried 17 Jan 1854 Ickleford.

Martha bpt. 3 Jun 1855, buried 11 Dec 1856 Ickleford.

John bpt. 18 Oct 1857, married Edith Day probably at Ickleford.

Ickleford, Herts. Chatham, Wouldham, Kent 1843

During the reign (1837-1903) of Queen Victoria, JAMES Titmus was born 1843 at Cadwell, in the marriage register his name was spelt TITMUSS. He married Mary Bottle 5 Feb 1865 at Chatham, Kent. They were buried at Gillingham old cemetery (#2, class C, Sect. B1) James died 9 Oct 1902 and Mary 12 Apr 1925. They had seven children.

Mary was born 1866 in Chatham, Kent, all their other children were born and baptised at Wouldham.

Sarah bpt. 29 Oct 1867, married Henry J Belham.

Elisabeth bpt.16 Jan 1869, buried 15 Sep 1952 in Gillingham, Kent.

*JAMES GEORGE born 19 Oct 1871, bpt. 26 Nov 1871.

John Thomas born Dec 1873, bpt.1 Feb 1874, buried 26 Feb 1875 at

Emily born 3 Apr 1876, bpt. 14 May 1876, married Amos Twort.

Willie born 9 Jul 1881, bpt. 7 Aug 1881, married Florance, they had four children. Arthur, Jack, Dorathy, Mary.

Walthamstow, Fulham, London 1894

*JAMES GEORGE Titmuss [sic] was born 1871, married Marian Mather 7 May 1893 at St. Saviour’s Church, Walthamstow, London. He died at Whips Cross Hospital and was buried 16 Dec 1909 at Chingford, Essex. Marian died in 1941 and buried at Manor Park, Essex.

They had four children.

*ALFRED HENRY, born 14 July 1894, at Fulham, London.

Violet Esmy born 31 May 1896 at Walthamstow, London, married Steve Martin, she died Mar 1973 at Fordingbridge, Hamps.

Marion Irene born 2 Dec 1898, at Walthamstow, married Harrold Mason 3 Jun 1920 (a double wedding with brother Alfred), she died 6 Sep 1976 at the Isle of Wight.

Harrold Augustas born 1899, at Walthamstow died 1902, knocked down by a bicycle and died of his injuries.

East Ham , London 1920

*ALFRED HENRY JAMES MATHER Titmuss born 1894, married Dora Elizabeth Thelwell, 3 Jun 1920 at Tooting Parish Church, London. Dora died 15 Jul 1988, and Alfred 3 Dec 1988.They were cremated at Upminster, Essex. They had three children.

Joyce born 7 Sep 1922, married Ronald Ollig 29 Sep 1942 at St.Stephens Church, Upton Park. )demolished due to war damage)

John Ernest born 12 Feb 1926, (emigrated to Canada 1955) married Constance Richards

1 Apr 1951 at Ilford,Essex. (emigrated to Canada 1955)

*MAURICE born 27 Jan 1930.

[John Ernest Titmuss was the father of Clive Titmuss, born February 22, 1951, Ilford, Essex, England, emigrated to Canada with family, March,1955]

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