[Ref:VCH 1 (Victoria County History)]

Margaret, the daughter of Ascelin de Sidenham, the tenant of Lovel’s manor, married Simon de Borard and Joan their heiress brought the manor of Clifton Reynes, in Buckinhamshire, to her husband Thomas de Reynes about 1293. It seems probable that she bought land in Titchmarsh also, since in 1349 Thomas de Reynes, grandson of Thomas and Joan Reynes and Goeffrey de Titchmarsh held 1/15 of a fee of John Lovel.

The manor was held in demesne by a second family named Titchmarsh but their pedigree is obscure.

In the early 13th century, the geld payable by TITCHMARSH (parish) was divided amongst three holders of fees there, Ascelin de Sidenham, Ralph, son of Ralph, and Robert, son of Thomas.

The holding of Ralph, son of Ralph, may probably be identified with the knight’s fee held of John de Plesseys in 1242 by Ralph de Titchmarsh.

( ) Thomas de Titchmarsh (father of Ralph), one of three holders of fees for TITCHMARSH.

1178 Ralph de Tichmers.

1199 Robert de Titchmarsh son of Thomas paid geld from his fee in TITCHMARSH.

1224 Hugh de Titchmarsh 1st recorded rector of TITCHMARSH.

1242 Ralph de Titchmarsh holder of Knights fee of John de Plesseys

1243 Thomas de Titchmarsh son of Robert, succeeded Robert, who held fee of

Reginald de Waterville

1255 Ralph de Titchmarsh (Dictionary of English surnames)

1264 Sir Ralph de Titchmarsh witnessed a deed as to lands at Hemington. Sir Richard de Titchmarsh at Kingsthorp, and c.1270 lands at Barnwell.

1269 Robert de Titchmarsh son of Thomas was seized of land in TITCHMARSH and was living in 1280.

1298 William son of Robert was living, land passed to Henry before 1301.

1301 Henry de Titchmarsh, married Margaret, third daughter of Reginald de Waterville.

1317 Henry had the manor of TITCHMARSH settled on his eldest son John de Titchmarsh who seems to be living in 1327.

1330 John de Titchmarsh was seised of other family property and an undated inquisition

was said to hold half a knight’s fee in TITCHMARSH.

1339 Ralph de Titchmarsh (Dictionary of English surnames)

1339 Peter de Titchmarsh from TIDMARSH, Berkshire, ( – do – )

1345 Geoffrey de Titchmarsh son of Roger witnessed as to lands at Hemington, Northampts. Ralph de Titchmarsh, Geoffrey son of Roger de Titchmarsh, and Fulk de Titchmarsh witnessed a13th century charter as to and at Lilford.(Lilford Hall, Nr.Pilton, Nthamps.)

1348 Ralph de Titchmarsh whose heirs held several fishery in the River Nene in 1348 may have followed in the descent.

1348 John was succeeded by his son Henry de Titchmarsh before 1348, from whom the manor

passed to Katherine the wife of John Brey Two parts of the manor were acquired by Sir John Lovel, who died seized of them in 1408

1349 Thomas /Joan de Reynes and Geoffrey de Titchmarsh held 1/15 of a fee of John Lovel in


1408 Third part of manor was held for life by Margaret, widow of Henry de Titchmarsh of the inheritance of Katherine Brey.

demesne: Manorial land actually possessed by the lord and not held by the tenants.

knight’s fee: Cattle, property, an estate in feudal law from a lord on condition of homage and service geld: To pay tax.

seised: The possession of a freehold estate in land by one having title there to.

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