Six string Classical Period Guitar after Panormo

panormo_frontThis instrument is a near copy of a guitar whose maker was declared by Fernando Sor, the father of the classical guitar, to be his personal favourite: Louis Panormo.

I created it after playing the original for a number of months and making an accurate drawing in 1987. I also included some interior details after Grobert, who made a guitar for Paganini which was later owned by Berlioz.

For this guitar there are accurate details including fossil ivory frets, piano key ivory heel cap, pre-CITES ivory nut, and ebony pegs, fingerboard, bindings and head veneer. The principal timber is German figured maple for the sides and back.

The guitar has a pin bridge and gut strings. It is therefore perfect for playing any composer of the period, and there are many: Carcassi, Carulli, Giuliani, Sor himself, Legnani, Molino and others.

The guitar comes with a fitted upholstered heavy-duty case with brass locking hardware.


Panormo Classical Guitar | 8500 CAD

NOTE: This instrument is not available to US buyers, due to the use of materials (fossil ivory, re-claimed piano key ivory, pre-CITES ivory, Dalbergia spp. [rosewood]) which may result in seizure by US Fish and Wildlife, or other border officials inspecting shipments. Recent targeting of musical instruments such as guitars, which are often made of restricted trade woods, makes this more likely than in the past. Even though the guitar does not use restricted materials or illegally traded materials, the risk of forfeiture is still too great for either buyer or seller.


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