14-course German-style theorbo-lute

14-course German-style theorbo-lute, 1998 by BC luthier Clive Titmuss

String length 690/980 mm. Back rosewood and yew-wood; neck veneered to match body; Engelmann soundboard; pear bridge with ebony veneer; ebony fingerboard; plum-wood pegs, stained maple head, oil-varnish finish, ebony binding.

Inspired by an instrument in Nuremberg, built by Martin Hofmann in the late 17th C., then renovated a generation later, adding the theorbo head. The addition of a 14th course allows the performance of Bach’s G minor suite, but it is also a brilliant extroverted instrument for Kropfganns, Weiss, or Falckenhagen.

Includes a heavy-duty case.

A note to prospective US buyers: The border and customs regulations governing the importation of various species of rosewood have changed recently. The change allow for international travel by musicians, and for limited trade in CITES-restricted material, partly to allow US manufacturers to export guitars and travel with instruments as part of their work. US customers now have a chance, with the proper permits, to buy instruments incorporating those materials from outside the country, and once obtained, to allow for international travel with instruments. Permits may be obtained that allow for importation of custom instruments with CITES-restricted species (such as rosewoods) with proper documentation) : https://www.fws.gov/permits/ImportExport/ImportExport.html.

May be shipped to any location in Canada for pick up in 3-5 business days.

Sound sample for the 14-course German-style theorbo-lute: J.S. Bach – BWV 998 Prelude from Twilight of the Lute


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