13-course Baroque lute after Frei

13-course Baroque lute after Frei, 1998 by BC luthier Clive Titmuss.

String length 660/715 mm. Brazilian rosewood body, pegbox and neck veneer, fingerboard; Englemann spruce soundboard with Italianate triple rose; triple laminated pegbox (rosewood, holly, rosewood); pear wood bridge; ivory buttons and head nut. Perfect action, easy-to-turn Tielke-style plum pegs.

In the early 1700s many valuable older lutes were converted to multi-course instruments, replacing the neck, pegbox and soundboard. There is a small-body renovated Frei in Vienna from which I modelled this one. It has the pungency and ease of play of the classic Renaissance lutes, but is expanded for later music.  This clever design makes the music of Weiss, Bach, Lauffensteiner, Reusner, Bittner, Falckenhagen et al. easier to render with clarity.

Includes a heavy-duty case.

A note to prospective US buyers: The border and customs regulations governing the importation of various species of rosewood have changed recently. The change allow for international travel by musicians, and for limited trade in CITES-restricted material, partly to allow US manufacturers to export guitars and travel with instruments as part of their work. US customers now have a chance, with the proper permits, to buy instruments incorporating those materials from outside the country, and once obtained, to allow for international travel with instruments. Permits may be obtained that allow for importation of custom instruments with CITES-restricted species (such as rosewoods) with proper documentation) : https://www.fws.gov/permits/ImportExport/ImportExport.html.

May be shipped to any location in Canada for pick up in about 3 business days.

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