NOTICE OCT 18, 2019 - The Society of Friends of Early Music Studio, at its Annual General Meeting held on October 17, 2019, reached a decision to suspend annual Fall and Spring concerts, due partly to financial constraints, and the fact that the current venue, Kelowna Forum (at Ethel at Cawston) , is no longer available as a rentable performing space. The Executive Directors, Clive Titmuss and Susan Adams recommended that the Society concentrate over the next year on making instructional and performance videos and other media materials, instead of working in the medium of the live concert. The Executive Directors thank all those who came to concerts since 2003, the Directors, the volunteers and staff who moved instruments and stage material, and the all-important people who work in graphics, public relations and publicity, and marketing. A special thanks from the Directors is due to the people who generously supported the concerts over the years.