Wood: Boxwood

Boxwood peg blanks for lute, violin, etc.
$4.00 CAD per blank, or $540.00 for the lot.




Boxwood peg blanks for lute, violin, etc., this is the favourite wood because it takes such fine detail, and remains stable regardless of humidity. It is among the hardest of northern hemisphere hardwoods, grown in the Pyrenees. Used for chess pieces, pens, small wooden clock parts, small carvings, etc.

There are about 135 blanks, plus one large piece (about 80-100 years old, counting rings). The longest are about 140 mm, the shortest are 95. Almost knot free, no cracks or shake, very few have a little bark, all are usable. Color: as you see here, some more gray-green, some yellow, some darker.

Happy to ship wherever you are or pickup in West Kelowna, BC. Sold as a lot, that is, as one piece. 4.00 CAD per blank, or 540.00 for the lot. That’s 405.00 USD.

The large piece is good for carving, oversize pegs, about 4-6 large blanks for viola, viol etc. Could be sold separately for 60.00 CAD or 45.00 USD, shipping excluded.



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