Mouton Lutebook

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Pieces in B minor from the Prague MS KK80

for 11 course lute

1. La Sincerre, gavotte
2. L’Agréable
3. Les Jumaux, jaconne
4. L’Heureuse Rencontre
5. Allemande
6. La Belle Melancolique
7. Courante Mouton and Double
8. L’Oraison Funèbre de Mr. Gautier
9. Prelude

Foreword to Pieces in B minor, Charles Mouton, by Clive Titmuss


Mouton, Charles MS II KK80 Prague

Possibly the MS from which a third and fourth Pieces de Luth were planned, containing pieces in c, g, a, G, and b. I have edited a diplomatic facsimile of the pieces in b, above. Apologies for poor quality of the scan.


Mouton, Charles PIECES DE LUTH

Scans of published lute books by Mouton, c. 1698-9. Pieces in a, C, f#, A. Some of the most sophisticated music and notation ever written for the lute. The foreword is a copy of a typescript German biographic and technical synopsis by Michael Schaffer.


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