Calligraphy Editions of Select Works Edited for Performance

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  • Suite pour la Luth par J. S. Bach, BWV 995/1011, in G minor, newly edited by Clive Titmuss, 2014-15 for 13-course lute, 8 pages. See Sources for the original.
    Bach transposed and amended his 1720’s French-style cello suite, with its long and challenging Prelude, at the request of a “M. Schouster”, who may have been a local book-dealer. Probably written at the keyboard of a lute-harpsichord, Bach’s transcription isn’t very successful as lute music. Accordingly, I have made a clean-sheet-of-paper transcription and rubricated hand-copy, referring to all three sources, but adhering to no principle other than making sure that the facts don’t stand in the way of a good story.

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