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Early Music Studio’s Community Impact

How the members of our community see and hear us is a central feature of EMS’ work. Through our affordable concerts we create the opportunity for audiences to come and hear music played in intimate surroundings. Music was made this way for centuries.

Skilled musicians working their magic in public have always had a profound effect. Our music-making changes people, makes them feel as though they and their children may make music themselves, and this concept is realized in the teaching of music to a new generation. Music’s effect on the brain and the health of individuals in society is well established. This is one reason that we maintain a website that makes early music in printed and audible form easily available to a receptive audience.

Beyond the profound impact that live music has in the context of personal contact, the press releases and videos of EMS are designed to improve the level of discourse about music in electronic and print media. Our material is written to interest a listener who may never have considered such music before, and we try to elevate the tone and content of our media releases to familiarize our audiences with the musical traditions which have shaped our culture.

In making, restoring, playing and publicizing our instruments and their great music, we create a multi-faceted experience for our listeners and readers. It is a model of music as an art form in and of itself, one that has been an interactive social phenomenon for centuries.


Our reach is greatly extended by the media, and many more people read, hear and see our work than actually attend. This provides us with a future audience and future musicians who will play. We are keenly aware of this need and our responsibility to it.

The Friends of Early Music Studio Society, has run a fiscally responsible, break-even operation since 1987 and in Kelowna since 2001. It has received substantial support from the Central Okanagan Foundation, and in the past, from the City of Kelowna–formal recognition that our work is important and that it has ripple effects throughout our community.

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After a concert, guests are invited to meet the musicians and take a closer look at the finely crafted instruments. For many, it’s the first time they have ever seen early music instruments such as a harpsichord or theorbo-lute.

…Just wanted to say again what lovely performances all around. You could tell that people felt it was a very magical afternoon. Having your wonderful story read by Anna, Susan, certainly was the icing on the cake…


Six-course guitar in koa wood after Pages by Clive Titmuss

Six-course guitar in koa wood after Pages by Clive TitmussArticle: An overview of the six-course guitar by Clive Titmuss | This is Classical Guitar


Early Music Studio

Early Music Studio has called Kelowna home for 17 years, advancing the knowledge of 17th and 18th century music in the community. The musicians, early keyboard specialist Susan Adams and early fretted instrument player and luthier Clive Titmuss play live, make recordings, act as a cultural bank and promote awareness of live music on period instruments, having won national and international attention as performers, teachers and scholars.


EMS_OAA_pstr_Bach_Nov2012 EMS_OAA_pstr_byrd EMS_OAA_pstr_Mozart2013 EMS_OAA_pstr_img003 EMS_OAA_pstr_ePoster_Apr2007 EMS_OAA_pstr_OCT2009

They regularly play two major concert productions each year in Kelowna, make instruments, teach students and add information, images, and free music notation to their website. The website ( www.earlymusicstudio.com) acts as a focus for public attention and it directs music lovers to recordings, videos and photo essays, information about instruments and instrument making and restoration, concert activity and scholarship in the field.

Susan Adams and Clive Titmuss. © Bruce Kemp Photography.

Susan Adams and Clive Titmuss. © Bruce Kemp Photography.

Our mission is to educate and expose the public to music from previous eras and its relevance to our daily life. A not-for-profit organization, Friends of Early Music Studio is a registered society with a board of directors and volunteers who assist with the presentation of concerts and help to spread knowledge about the music.

…Thanks for the wonderful music and lovely afternoon. It was a memorable event with much to hold people’s interest! Lots of work to organize – no? It is lovely to have silence around the venue, and an opportunity to focus on intricacy and details of sound…



A selected collection of concert photos, press and tablature samples. You can see more photo albums on our Facebook page.

EMS_OAA_concert_Susan plays Bach at his birthday concert EMS_OAA_concert_021 EMS_OAA_press_1 EMS_OAA_concert_Susan and Clive onstage after a Bach Sonata EMS_OAA_concert_Weiss E flat pieces theorbo EMS_OAA_concert_Mozart and Friends Apr. 14 2013 006 EMS_OAA_Frescobaldi-G_Five-Pieces-1 EMS_OAA_Frescobaldi-G_Five-Pieces-2 EMS_Before_Gadgets_01 EMS_Before_Gadgets_02 EMS_Before_Gadgets_04 EMS_Before_Gadgets_05 EMS_Before_Gadgets_06

…Thank you! The music was all lovely, the [piece by] Kerll was a hoot! Susan, your story and Anna’s reading of it brought me to tears…



(click each link to play audio)

La Musete by Couperin, Susan Adams harpsichord, Clive Titmuss lute from Constancy Rewarded [MP3]

Romanza by Fernando Carulli, Susan Adams early Broadwood piano, Clive Titmuss early Panormo guitar, from Constancy Rewarded [MP3]

La Monflambert by Couperin, Susan Adams harpsichord, from The Couperin Collection [MP3]

Prelude in E flat by J. S. Bach, Clive Titmuss theorbo-lute, from The Twilight of the Lute [MP3]

CD_A_Lute_for_Xmas_170x170 CD_Constancy_Rewarded_170x170 CD_Couperin_Collection_170x170 CD_Italian_Harpsichord_170x170 CD_Twilight_of_the_Lute_170x170
For a complete list of albums, [click here]


Early Music Studio Videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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Our newest work:

Italia: Music of Fantasy and Vitality. With Clive Titmuss, lute, archlute, early guitar, and Susan Adams, Italian harpsichord, early piano. Sunday, November 18, at 2:30 pm. Kelowna Forum, 1317 Ethel (at Cawston), in Kelowna. [Click here for more information]

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