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Lutebooks 1-22 of 22

The Bach Lutebook I
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Praeludio con la Suite da Gio. Bast. Bach aufs Lautenwerk BWV: 996

[Partita al Liuto] BWV: 997

Prelude pour la Luth ò Cembal, [Fuga, Allegro] BWV: 998

[Partita] (no instrument designated) BWV: 1006a

Suite pour la luth par J.S.Bach BWV: 995

The Bach Lutebook II
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Cello Suite I BWV: 1007

Cello Suite II BWV: 1008

Cello Suite III BWV: 1009

Cello Suite IV BWV: 1010

Cello Suite V - Suite pour la Luth par J. S. Bach BWV: 1011

Cello Suite VI (for violoncello piccolo) BWV: 1012

The Buxtehude Lutebook
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Suite in D minor

Passacaglia by Georg Muffat
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The Venegas de Henestrosa Vihuela (Guitar) Book
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Five Pieces from Libro de Cifra Nueva (1557)

The Weiss Lutebook
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Ten Pieces by S. L. Weiss and Anonymous from the Warsaw MS

The Louis Couperin Lutebook
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Pieces for Harpsichord by Louis Couperin arranged for 11-course lute

Mouton Lutebook
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Pieces in B minor from the Prague MS KK80

Mouton, Charles MS II KK80 Prague

Mouton, Charles PIECES DE LUTH

The Bach Lutebook III
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Violin Partita II arranged for 13-course lute BWV: 1004

Violin Sonata II BWV: 1003

Praeludium pour la lute BWV: 999

Fuga BWV: 1000/1001.2

Violin Partita I in B minor BWV: 1002

Sonata I in G minor BWV: 1001

Sonata III in C major BWV: 1005

Partita III in E major (transposed to F) BWV: 1006/1006a

Six Harpsichord Sonatas paraphrased for 6-course guitar
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Three Sonatas by Antonio Soler

Three Spanish Sonatas for Harpsichord

Deuxième Ordre de Chambonnières
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La Dunquerque, Courante Iris, Courante II, Sarabande de la Reyne

Pieces in G for Five-Course Baroque Guitar
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Pieces in G: Ouverture de la Grotte de Versailles (Lully), Sarabande, Gavottes, Muzette

Austrian Lute Music of the 18th c.
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Partie XXVI and XXXVII by Ferdinand Fichtel

Austrian Lute Music II
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Partie by Johann Georg Weichenberger

The Big Bach Lutebook
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The Big Bach Lutebook BWV: 995-1012

Czech Lute Music: Manuscript Music from 18th Prague and Vienna
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Suite, Parthia, Parthia, Sonata

Sonata à Liuto Solo del Sigre. Kleinknecht
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Sonata a Liuto Solo: Allegro Moderato; Andante; Tempo Giusto

Partita in F major by Johann Anton Logy
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Ouverture, Alllemande, Courrente, Menuette I & II, Gavotte, Bourre, Guige

A Bouquet of Elizabethan Ballad Tunes
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Four Elizabethan Ballad Tune Settings

Music for Two Vihuelas (or lutes)
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Music for Two Vihuelas (or lutes)

Adagio from the D minor Oboe Concerto by Alessandro Marcello
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Adagio BWV: 974

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Bittner, Jacques PIECES DE LUTH

Lutebooks 1-22 of 22

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