The origin of the name Titmuss was Tychemarche. The name appears on various 13th century documents as witness to deeds, also in the Victoria County History of Northampton. (Northampton Record Office Ref; VCH 1, page 144).

There is record of the name in the Victoria County History prior to the year 1199, the father of Robert de Titchmarsh, “…. Thomas de Titchmarsh one of three holders of fees for TITCHMARSH” (parish), Northamptonshire, is the first known persons of that name, of which I am aware.

Robert de Titchmarsh is documented to have “…paid geld for his fee in TITCHMARSH”, in the year 1199.

Hugh de Titchmarsh was Rector of the parish of TITCHMARSH in 1224.

In the year 1264 ” …Sir Ralph de Titchmarsh witnessed a deed as to lands at Hemington and Sir Richard de Titchmarsh at Kingsthorp, and lands c. 1270 at Barnwell”.

Records continue to the year 1408 in Northamptonshire, a document that states, “…a third part of the manor (in TITCHMARSH) was held for life by Margaret, widow of Henry de Titchmarsh of the inheritance of Katherine Brey”.

From the Book of Norrell (Northill) College, Bedfordshire.

( page 254) there is reference to family members,

“But att this day nor for many yeares before there has not ben knowne nor found uppon the Rolle any one coppiehold tennent or Coppieholder, but all of them free tennents or freeholders. And Anno. 9. H. 6. wee [ find?] uppon the Rolle That one Tytchmarsh tooke a coppie of Court Roll, a house and 10 Acres of Land and a meadowe to himselfe and Matild his wife for life: to make a sute at court.”

Also listed under the Rents of Free Tenants (page 258),

“A catalogue of the names of all the Severall Tennents that held of this mannor att the Time of the last Courte kept for the Lord of the Mannor Ann.Dom. 1612. And the 10th yeare of the Reigne of King James.

5 Richard Tytchmarsh of Upper Calcott. (Caldicote)

6 John Tytchmarsh of Upper Colcott.

William Tychmerrs and John Titchmarsh (brothers), they died in1505 and 1531 and buried in Northill. Their wills record their offspring but as yet their kinship to Thomas Titchmarsh is not established but it is most probable that he is the great-grandson of William Tychmerrs. Northill is a small village. Thomas possibly the son of William Tytchmarshe who died in 1533. Recorded in his will referring to his wife; “Item; to the said Elizabeth and to the child she is with a coffer”

A direct line has been established back to the year c1533, a connecting line prior to that date has still to be established.

Thomas Titchmarsh born c1533, and died 26 Apr 1585 in Northill Bedfordshire. His name was also written as Titchmas and that of his sister as Titchmersh.

His son was named Reynold born 1566 in Northill, and grandson Thomas was born 1605 at Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire.

His great grandson, Lewis Titchmarsh was baptised 27 July 1630 at All Saints Riseley, Bedfordshire. He was a farmer in Barton in the Clay, Bedfordshire, was married at St. Nicholas Barton 6 Oct 1660, to Mary Prior of Lidlington, Bedfordshire, and he was buried 18 May 1708 at St Nicholas Barton in the Clay. The International Genealogical Index shows the family name as Titmouse and the sixth child of Lewis, christened in 1673 as John Titmouse or Titchmarsh, and John Titmas when married to Joan Everrit.

Offspring are variously named in the church registers; Titchmarsh, Titmarsh, Titmous, Titmas, Tittmass, Tittmus, Tittmuss.

St. Katharine’s Church, Ickleford, Herts., register, also had various spellings for the same family members during the years of 1840-1865.

From the time James Titmuss married Mary Bottle, 5 Feb 1865 in Rochester, Kent, the spelling of the name Titmuss, became established.


Fee: (Knights Fee) cattle, property, an estate in feudal law from a Lord on condition of homage and service.

Geld: to pay tax

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