Experience the joy of music-making and the benefits of music education.

Music has been shown to increase the brain’s ability focus on a single task.
Music broadens intuitive and cognitive powers that form the basis of skill development in the young, adolescents and adults.
Music has the power to socialize young minds and to increase empathy.

For adult students, music can be a way to keep the brain young, providing unique benefits. It challenges the neurons to refresh the pathways and establish new reflexes. It can awaken old skills learned in youth. It connects us with the joy of living, and the senses. Music is the ideal recreation and vehicle for life-long learning.

Classical training in music draws from a four hundred year tradition of composition, but is not confined to any period or style. The study of the literature of music from a deep pool of knowledge gives the student a wider understanding of art and the human experience.

The study of rhythm, harmony and melody permanently alters the student’s understanding of the world. It greatly enhances the learned ability to effectively communicate ideas and concepts to others. The hand-eye co-ordination and skill development required by playing a musical instrument civilizes and sensitizes children.

Early Music Studio offers piano and classical guitar lessons for young people of all ages! We are located in the South Boucherie neighborhood, near Quail’s Gate, West Kelowna, five minutes from Westbank, about ten minutes by car from downtown Kelowna. We also give specialized instruction historical instruments and early music style for the harpsichord and lute.

PR_Early_Music_Studio02_500Clive Titmuss and Susan Adams are performing professional musicians with post-graduate credentials and many years of experience as music educators.

We provide a learning environment with a planned curriculum that includes introductory to advanced level instruction. Life-long learners are welcome. Instruction in music theory, improvisation, history and general musical literacy are included in the lesson time, tailored to the needs of the student.

Lessons are $25 per half hour, payable in advance at the beginning of each month. For more advanced students interested in theory, history or enriched instruction, more weekly lesson time is recommended. Students who are specifically interested in early music should consult with us about instruments and curriculum. We also teach lessons online, using Skype.

Call us at 250 769-2884 for a consultation.

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