13-course lute after Hofmann

13-course lute after Hofmann, after 1720 By BC luthier Clive Titmuss, 2010 $13,950 CAD $10,400 USD   (Click for larger image) String length: 700 and 770 mm. Asian rosewood and European figured maple ribs, European spruce top, basswood neck veneered in rosewood, head with carved buttress in hop-hornbeam, ebony, ebony fingerboard, pear bridge, ebony binding, heart-of-plum pegs. The rose is from a drawing by O. Wadsworth, originally by Sebastian Schele.   All instruments built by Clive Titmuss come with custom-fitted cases. Prices do not include shipping and insurance. –:—————————————————————:– If you have any questions about the instruments, please contact me.