10-course lute after Tieffenbrucker

10-course lute after Tieffenbrucker (Duiffopruchar), Venice, c.1610 By BC luthier Clive Titmuss, 2017 $11,500 CAD $8,580 USD   (Click for larger image) String length 647 mm. 21 rib body composed of figured snakewood (from Suriname) and Pacific yew, rosewood veneered neck, rosewood veneer on triple laminated holly and rosewood pegbox, lilac-wood pegs (Magnolia spp.), elderberry bridge, punched parchment (sheepskin binding), Euro spruce top (Serbia/Slovakia). Heavy duty reinforced case.   All instruments built by Clive Titmuss come with custom-fitted cases. Prices do not include shipping and insurance. –:—————————————————————:– If you have any questions about the instruments, please contact me. Follow us