7-course lute after Venere

7-course lute by BC luthier Clive Titmuss, 2019, after Venere 1614

590 mm string length.  Shaded-yew bowl (all ribs from a single log, some are not shaded), Carpathian spruce top, veneered neck and pegbox, ebony nut, pear bridge, boxwood pegs, hardwood half-binding.

The lutes of the Venere (“Venetian”) shop have set the standard lute design. These very light, multi-rib lutes made of yew, distinguished by a typical Byzantine tracery rose, have an astonishing presence and liveliness. Excellent for the complete range of Italian 16th C. and especially Elizabethan music.

Comes with heavy-duty plywood case with brass locking hardware.

This instrument has no restricted materials and may be shipped to any location in North America in about 3-5 business days.


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All instruments built by Clive Titmuss come with custom-fitted cases.
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