6-string guitar after Louis Panormo

6-string guitar after Louis Panormo, London, c. 1812 by Clive Titmuss, 1987,

CAD 3250

European figured maple body: European spruce soundboard, maple neck and applewood head stained black; pre-CITES ivory nut, frets and bridge pins; Brazilian rosewood pegs; Rio rosewood bridge; spotted ebony fingerboard, currently strung in gut.

The ivory frets are a period detail copied from the original–exceptionally kind to the strings, and very easy on the hands. This is the guitar for the brilliant style of Sor, Aguado, Carcassi and Giuliani. It is amazingly easy to play, incredibly sweet and well-balanced. Carefully maintained, excellent playing condition. Perfect for folk music too.





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Sound sample: “Romanza” by Clive Titmuss, Susan Adams.

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