5-course guitar after Spanish model 17th century

5-course guitar after an anonymous Spanish model of the late 17th. C.
Made in 1998 by Clive Titmuss
$6,500 CAD
$4,840 USD

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This instrument is modelled after a Spanish instrument made in the late 17th. C., in Cadiz, Spain.

Body and back are built up from a panel with Asian rosewood and yew-wood ribs, veneered walnut head, heraldic inlays in rosewood on soundboard, Spanish cedar slipper foot neck and block, rosewood pegs and bridge, fine-grained Euro spruce soundboard, expanded ebony fingerboard.

Comes with a heavy-duty, lined and fitted case with locking brass hardware.

The guitar’s model dates from the later period of five-course instruments, having a large and deep body and minimal but very deep bars. It’s ideally suited to the music of the Sanz and Guerau guitar books. Made from the best available material, a precious and rare instrument in nearly perfect playing condition.

Currently strung in gut (e’, b/b, g/g’,d/d, a/a).

total length: 96 cm
upper bout: 23.5 cm
lower bout: 27 cm
string length: 67.5 cm
nut width: 50 mm
bridge spacing 12.5 on centre

Ship by air, truck or trained beaver to any point in Canada.

A little GUITAR HISTORY for you:

Since many of you won’t have heard about the early guitar — and it’s very interesting — here is a list of the great players who were shredding it a long time ago. Don’t mention it, my pleasure!

And if you are interested, you can download their music for free at IMSLP, just search by name and download: https://imslp.org/wiki/Category:For_guitar

1600s to early 1700s, dated by publication:

Foscarini 1629, 40,  47
Calvi 1646

Granata 1646, 50, 51, 59, 74, 80
Corbetta 1639, 43, 48 (continued to publish and work in France, below)
Bottazzarri 1663
Roncalli 1692

Sanz 1674, 1697
Guerau 1694
De Murcia 1714, 1732 (to Mexico)
de Santa Cruz 1670s

Corbette (Corbetta) 1671, 1674
Derosier 1688, 94, 99
de Vise 1682, 86
Campion 1705
Le Cocq 1729

Bohemia: Losy (late 17th C.)

England: Matteis 1690


All instruments built by Clive Titmuss come with custom-fitted cases.
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